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Are you looking for a memorial portrait for a dearly departed pet? Or a tattoo design to take to your favorite tattoo artist? Here's the place to inquire! I LOVE to do custom work so just give me a few pieces of information to get the ball rolling! I generally do images of animals, real and imagined and generally prefer not to do human portraits. If you're looking for a tattoo design and don't have an artist selected yet, I work very closely with Em Greenseth of Elmpixie Tattoo and we can work together to create your ideal tattoo! I try to respond to these requests within two to three business days but I am only human and stuff does sometimes slip through the cracks. Please feel free to message me again if you don't hear back from me within a few days!

Feel free also to email me at hello@rebeccaflaum.com if you have trouble with the form or just want to ask general questions. Thank you!

Most work takes three weeks or less to complete but I recommend you budget at least a month. The current wait time to begin work is: two weeks



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Please be aware if you select tattoo design that I will provide you only a high-res digital file of your final art, with the option to purchase the original art for an additional fee. I do not tattoo the art myself but I work closely with Em Greenseth of Elmpixie Tattoo if you do not already have an artist selected.
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What sort of colors do you have in mind for this work? Natural colors? Black and gray only? Blues and greens? Rainbow?
I can work within most budgets so smaller budgets will result in less detailed work. Bear in mind that budgets under $100 will be very simple art. For projects under $200 I require complete payment up front. Otherwise I generally require a non-refundable deposit of 30-50%.
Most work takes at least three weeks to complete on top of the current wait time (listed above). If you require the art sooner than that I may be able to accommodate you but there will be a rush fee added to your quote. I'm happiest if you have no deadline but I still try to get you work within a few weeks of payment.

All rights to commissioned work are by default retained by the artist. If you would like to purchase additional rights such as to use the work for a book cover or package design I am very happy to oblige but additional fees will be added (generally 100-300% higher). Please let me know if you're interested in purchasing rights along with your commission.