May Updates at Studio Catawampus!

Lots happening here at Studio Catawampus! First of all, I received confirmation that I'll be tabling at NewCon PDX in January in the Artist Alley. I've added it to the event calendar and I'll be posting more updates as it gets nearer.

Secondly, I've been asked to contribute to a group show curated by Johnny Acurso at the Pony Club in Portland. The show, called The Pony Club Sideshow, should be up for the whole month of July with a First Thursday event on July 2 (also on the event calendar). I'm posting some WIPs of my piece for the show on my instagram so be sure and follow!

Finally, if you're interested in women in art you should pick up the latest issue of ImagineFX. There's a great article in there about "Art's uneven playing field" and I was able to contribute some thoughts on why I think it's harder for women to succeed in the fantasy and science fiction art realms. There's a corollary interview with Leesha Hannigan on CreativBloq that includes one of my paintings and an additional thought about why Leesha's safe space for women artists is necessary.

Phew! In between all the excitement I'm working on a number of commissions and getting ready to head up to Seattle for Anglicon! I hope to be able to post some new work soon so keep an eye on my tumblr!

Crafty Wonderland Spring Sale details

Okay so not NEW news, but here's the postcard from Crafty Wonderland advertising the Spring Sale. I should get my booth assignment on April 20th, so I'll be sure and update then where you can find me.

My usual booth assistant ("My Lovely Assistant" aka my boyfriend Aaron) is sadly going to be out of town for the event so I'll have a substitute assistant or two. Come say hi and tell them how awesome they are.

Anglicon and Crafty Wonderland

I'll be at Crafty Wonderland's Spring Sale at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on May 9 from 11-6pm. Then, on June 12-14 I'll be up in Seattle for Anglicon, a Doctor Who and British media convention at the Airport DoubleTree. Come say hi! 

Sherlock Seattle

Come find me this weekend at Sherlock Seattle! I'll be in the Artists Alley on Saturday, January 10 from 10-2pm and Sunday 12-2. 

Some website issues

If you've tried to load my site through and found your way to this news posting, huzzah! I'm having some website hosting issues and currently is not taking you where it should. It's possible that may also be having some issues so if you're encountering the site sporadically, please have patience! Thanks so much!


Edit: looks like everything is cleared up now! Thanks for your patience. :)

Upcoming Events

I'll be at two events in the next couple of months!

The first one is Geek the Halls, a Holiday Craft Fair in Portland. It'll be at the Lloyd Doubletree on Sunday, December 14, starting at 10am.

The next will be Sherlock Seattle at the Broadway Performance Center in, you guessed it, Seattle. That one will be January 9-11. I won't be there the whole time so when I get the schedule I'll update you.

As usual, keep an eye out for my giant octopus banner. :)

New page!

Working on a new page. Let me know if you notice any bugs?